Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

It doesn’t matter whether you follow a plant based diet or not, this is an epic recipe. This vegan Mac ‘n’ cheese is really simple and quick, taking all the fuss out of cooking at home.

Say cheese!

For the success of any Macaroni Cheese, it depends heavily on the quality of your cheese, this is no exception. Obviously, it gets a little more difficult when you are trying to use a plant-based cheese. Some people use nutritional yeast, which is very easy to come by now (order online if you can’t find it anywhere). I used the vivo-life Parmesan which is very strong but works well in a cheese sauce. If you have a favourite then stick with that.

A bowl of Vegan Macaroni Cheese
Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

The Recipe

I added some spring onion and thyme into this, just for a little more flavour. Feel free to adapt this recipe and add in any of your favourites.


  • 5-6 tablespoons favourite Vegan cheese
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • 200g Macaroni
  • 140g raw cashews
  • 1 bunch of Spring Onion
  • Thyme


  1. Soak your Cashews in boiled water from a kettle for 10 minutes.
  2. Cook your Macaroni as per the instructions on the packet, in salted water.
  3. Drain your pasta and put to one side, making sure to keep the cooking water in a measuring jug.
  4. Drain the cashews and place into a blender, add 300mls of the water you cooked the pasta in, along with the cheese. Blend until smooth.
  5. Add some salt and pepper and check the taste. If you would like it a bit cheesier then add some more, if it is too thick add a little more pasta water.
  6. Fry off the garlic, some chopped spring onion and thyme until the garlic is translucent. Add the cooked macaroni and coat, add the sauce and mix thoroughly.
  7. Serve into a bowl, add a little more cheese, spring onion and thyme if you fancy it and enjoy.

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