It doesn’t matter whether you’re a part-time gym bunny, serious cross-fit warrior, endurance athlete or just looking to stay lean, your nutrition & diet is what’s going to make the difference. Especially in the world of sport, nutrition will play a vital role in giving your body the tools it needs to succeed.

If you have visited this site before or follow The Urban Canteen on social media, you will know that our strap line is “no fad diets, just simple, healthy food”. This is something we truly believe in and runs throughout the core of what we do.

Why? Because choosing a healthier way to eat and live, shouldn’t be temporary, difficult or boring. It needs to be something that you can follow for the rest of your life, something that you enjoy and is not a chore but intuitive. Diets fail because they are not sustainable, leaving you to feel like you are the one that has failed. In reality, the diet failed you, we are all individuals, with different stresses in our lives, different needs and goals, so a diet that is rolled out for the masses is not the best starting point and will not arm you with the tools you need to make this a long-term change.

At The Urban Canteen, we have a number of packages to suit your needs, budget and work-life balance. Our biggest aim is to make these plans simple to follow, sustainable and enjoyable. These plans NEED to fit in with your lifestyle in order for them to work. Which is why every single plan we prepare is based on the individual. There are no “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” plans here.

Every single plan we have comes with a pre-assessment form which will highlight personal preferences, goals, dietary requirements and so much more. This information along with your initial consultation will help us come up with the perfect plan. This will not only guarantee the results you want but also make it easier to get there. But we need to recognise this is a starting point. Our intention, when you’ve reached the end of our plan, you are not walking away with just your well-earned results. You will also have the knowledge and understanding on how to keep the momentum going yourself.

You will have full support for the duration of your plans. If you are on a 1 month plan, you will have personal support for the duration of that month. If you have chosen a three-month plan, you will receive personal support for the duration of those three months.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch to sign up for any of the services then fill in the contact form. State which service you would like to possibly start and I will contact you to discuss what is involved.

Before you start any plans

Online nutrition plans

These plans are designed to make the process as simple as possible. Everything is managed online from the pre-assessment forms and initial consultation to managing the meal plans.

There are several options available within the online coaching section. These options range from basic BMR and Macronutrient calculations to three-month meal plans with included meal prep courses.

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