Nice to meet you!

My name is Paul and I have been a chef for 26 years now. After attending catering college and receiving two diplomas, I learnt my trade working in 5* hotels and fine dining restaurants. I spent half of my career working in restaurants and hotels and got my first head chef position by the age of 24. After 13 years in hotels and restaurants, I made the switch to contract catering. I managed many contracts and ran large events within contract catering, enjoying the challenge of supplying catering for many different business types. Managing catering contracts for advertising agencies, building facility companies, directors dining restaurants, private banks, stockbrokers and many more. I have always had a passion for sports and keeping myself in shape. The more involved in training I got, the more interested in nutrition I became. I attended Twickenham University, where I gained qualifications in Nutrition in Physical activity and sport. In over twenty years as a trained chef, I have come across so many meal plans and diets that just don’t work. They take forever to prepare and cook and because every meal has 15/16 different ingredients, a long time to source. This is both expensive and wasteful and you only ever use half the ingredients. Often the meal the next day is totally different, using a different set of ingredients. The issue is that they are not usually simple recipes to follow and the method doesn’t always seem to work. Finally, you end up losing interest and therefore fall off the diet.

This is where The Urban Canteen comes in. We’re all about simple, inexpensive, easy to follow and TASTY food. We’re going to be cooking a load of different dishes from snacks and side dishes, to full on soul satisfying mains.

By focusing on micro and macro-nutrients, your food is going to taste great and as a result give you everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, bulk up or get shredded, follow our easy to follow recipes and meal plans. Most of all, you’ll want to use them time and time again. Come on the journey with us and experience how easy, good, healthy food really can be.

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