The cover of The Urban Canteen ebook

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Use this ebook as a tool to create a great foundation on which to build. Twelve easy to follow recipes, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Offering alternatives to each recipe for people that may have intolerances or diet preferences.

Eating healthier should never be about a fad diets, boring food or stressful hours of preparation. None of this is sustainable and the main reason we fail. Having a healthier diet should be something that fits in with our lifestyle and not a chore. If we can create a way of eating that is not only beneficial for our bodies, but is food that we crave and enjoy, then it becomes something that we keep going until it is simply a part of who we are.

I truly believe this ebook can be that starting block for you, it will give you tips and tricks to make cooking with fresh ingredients simple. Use these recipes to fit around your current lifestyle and start feeling the benefits of a healthier diet.

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