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A bowl of freshly cooked vegetables for salad

Cooking vegetables

There can be so many things involved with cooking vegetables. Nobody enjoys eating mushy vegetables right!? So how long we cook them for is very important. But this isn’t important purely for how it looks or tastes, we also don’t want to lose all those important micronutrients that can be destroyed during the cooking process. …

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herbs oils, ginger and garlic

Kitchen time saver

This is all about saving time whilst cooking and as a by-product, saving a little money and the environment at the same time. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, so lets get straight into this kitchen time saver.   Food waste We’re all guilty of it, but by trying to make the …

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how to make the avocado rose

The Avocado Rose

So one thing I always get asked from social media followers is “how do you make the avocado rose”?  Well the great news is that although it may look super complicated (and very impressive), but the avocado rose is in fact, very simple to do. Rather than try and explain, just take a look at …

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