Quick and simple Breakfast ideas

Same again?

Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners. Day after day, week after week. It can get a bit difficult coming up with new ideas all the time, especially if you’re trying to stay healthy, include your macros as well as trying to keep it simple, quick and inexpensive. So what do we do? We stick with tried and tested recipes/dishes that we know we can knock up in a hurry, as well as contain the calories or macros we require. But doesn’t it get just a little bit monotonous? Here are some quick and simple Breakfast ideas to help out.

A little help…

Well here are few recipes that have been cooked up at The Urban Canteen this week. We’ve got some really simple Breakfast ideas, that are not only quick, easy and healthy, they are of course all reeeeaaaaaally tasty! So this post is part one of three. We’re going to start with some great tasting Breakfast ideas to kick off your day in the right way, then follow up with two more posts with some great recipes for lunch and dinner .

Breakfast ideas

Sweet Potato Toast with Wilted Spinach and PoachedEggs

Now this isn’t actually toast like we know it. This is a really simple breakfast recipe, but you’ll want to do it time and time again.

A Breakfast idea. Sweet Potato Toast with Wilted Spinach and Poached Eggs.

  1. Slice your Sweet Potato into 1cm slices (the thickness of a slice of bread) and pop them into the toaster…… yep that’s right..your toaster. You will need to keep putting them back down may be 2 or 3 times (depending on your toaster) until they start browning around the edge and have softened in the middle.
  2. Whilst the Potatoes are toasting, pop your pan of water on a high heat and bring it up to the boil. Once boiling turn the heat down so the water is at a gentle simmer, add a dash of vinegar (the acid will stop the egg from separating), now crack two eggs into the water. The eggs will only take a couple of minutes to cook, thereforedon’t leave them too long and don’t let the water come up the boil. Keep an eye on them.
  3. the Spinach can be done in numerous ways, steamed, sautéed or left uncooked. But for this recipe we want to keep things quick and simple, so we’re going to simply boil the kettle, pour some boiling water on the spinach and immediately drain. Don’t forget to season the spinach at this point.
  4. When the Sweet Potatoes are done, place them on the plate, top with your Spinach and pop on your eggs. The next step is probably the most important…….sit down, devour and enjoy!

Spinach, Oat and Mixed Berry Smoothie

Yes you have read this correct… a Spinach, Oat and Berry Smoothie. Now this may just sound wrong but believe me it is anything but. This is a filling, super nutritional and extremely tasty smoothie. With the Oats and Spinach you have a great mix of good Carbohydrates, Protein, numerous Vitamins and Iron. The base is Coconut water which is extremely hydrating, again full of minerals and Vitamins as well as antioxidants.

A breakfast idea. Glass of Spinach, Mixed Berry and Oat Smoothie


serves 2

  • Half a cup of Oats
  • Half a cup of Spinach
  • 2 cups of Coconut water
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup of frozen Mixed Berries
  • A spoonful of Maple Syrup, just a little to sweeten.


  1. Soak the Oats in one cup of the Coconut water for approximately 20 minutes, to soften the oats and make it a little easier to blend.
  2. Then place all the ingredients into a blender. If it is too thick then add a little more Coconut water to the consistency you prefer.
  3. Top with some berries , flaked Coconut or any other variation of fruit you would like.

Matcha, Apple and Oat Smoothie

Now not everyone is aware of Matcha Green Tea. Matcha is now being used in everything from hot beverages to desserts, breads and cold drinks. There are so many healthy benefits such as being extremely high in antioxidants, it can increase energy and levels and endurance. Another benefit is an increase metabolism and can detoxify the body. You can purchase Matcha in many high street health food shops.

Breakfast ideas. A glass of Matcha, Oat and Apple Smoothie.


serves 2

  • 2 Bananas
  • 2 teaspoons of Matcha Green Tea
  • 1 cup of Spinach
  • 1 cup of Oats
  • 1 cup of Coconut Water
  • 1 cup of Coconut yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon of Maple Syrup
  • Half an Apple
  • Pomegranate Jewels


  1. First of all, soak the Oats in the cup of the Coconut water for approximately 20 minutes, to soften the oats and make it a little easier to blend.
  2. Place all of the Ingredients into a blender, again add enough Maple Syrup to sweeten.
  3. Top with  Pomegranate Jewels and enjoy.

All of these recipes are easy, quick, healthy and super tasty. If the recipes gave you some ideas and you enjoyed the read, then don’t forget to take a look at part two of this three part series, where we’ll be taking a look at some awesomely tasty and nutritious lunch ideas.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Jen @ Matcha says:
    Looks yummy, will totally have to give this a try.
    • The Urban Canteen says:
      Thanks for the comment! Let me know how you got on, would love to know if it was as yummy as you thought.
  2. Anne says:
    Hi! Maybe I’m not navigating properly. But, do u have the recipe for ur overnite oats? Thank u! ?
    • The Urban Canteen says:
      I am really sorry, the recipe for the overnite oats will be going on shortly. But so you to have to wait, let me give it to you now, then you can get trying straight away…yummmy!
      I will give you the basic recipe which is really good as a base so you can add different fruits, berries etc and adapt depending on what you fancy. I will also give you the recipe on our Instagram page.
      Basic Recipe
      1 cup of Oats
      1 teaspoon Honey
      1 cup of fresh fruit juice (Orange, apple, pomegranate, cranberry, anything can be used really. I usually go for Orange or Apple)
      1 cup of Natural or Greek Yoghurt
      1 Grated Apple (optional)
      Mix all ingredients together, cover and place in the fridge, in the morning you will need to thin it down again by adding 1/2 – 1 cup more of yoghurt. Top with berries or any other fruit, nuts etc you like.

      Coconut Oats with Chocolate Chia seeds (Instagram version)
      1 cup of Oats
      1/2 cup of desicated Coconut
      1 teaspoon of Honey ( or used 3 or 4 chopped dates if you want to use a natural sweetner)
      1 cup of Coconut and Almond Milk
      1 cup of Yoghurt
      Mix all the above ingredients together and place in fridge.
      Chocolate Chia seed topping
      50g Chia seeds
      250 ml Coconut almond milk
      3 teaspoons Cacao powder
      Again, mix all the ingredients together, place in fridge overnight, in the morning, give it a good mix (you may need to leave it another 15 minutes after mixing in the morning)
      Layer the Coconut Oats with the Chia Pudding and top with fresh berries.

      I hope you find these recipes useful. We’d love to know how you got on, so please don’t be a stranger and let us know!

      Kind regards

      The team at the Urban Canteen

  3. Ah I love this! I love finding people who share my passions. If you have any recipes you recommend please don’t hesitate!